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Set vs Member vs Tuple in MDX

([Dim_Time].[Time Hierarchy].[Year Key].&[2015],
,([Dim_Time].[Time Hierarchy].[Month Key].&[201502],
} on columns

A tuple is a way of referring to a single value within a cube. If you think of a cube as a gigantic multidimensional array, a tuple is a co-ordinate to one cell within that array. ….(с)

A set is an ordered list of members, or tuples….. Each item in a set has to be the same type of a thing: for a set of members, each member has to be from the same hierarchy—although the members can be from different levels of the same hierarchy.(с)

set is an ordered list of members, or tuples ( co-ordinate to one cell)

As I understand a "member" is 1-co-ordinate tuple

(example : ([Dim_Time].[Time Hierarchy].[Year Key].&[2015])


and a Tuple is a multi co-ordinate member
(example: ([Dim_Time].[Time Hierarchy].[Year Key].&[2015]

Моя компиляция частично отсюда
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