November 30th, 2015

Пример порядка HTML tag в placeholder (SSRS)

Думаю, что этот сайт почти последнее место, где я буду искать профессиональные материалы.
Но вот на случай если сама забуду, а я забуду.
Пусть полежит.
Пример порядка HTML tag в placeholder (SSRS 2008R2)
= "|<|font size='8.5pt' Face='Arial' |>| |<|b|>|" &
First(Fields!id_Measure.Value,"my_DataSet")) = True, " ", Parameters!Selected_Measure.Label)
& "|<|/|b|>|<|/|font|>|"
& "|<|BR|>|" &
"|<|font face='Arial' size = '1'|>|" & " 10 " & "|<|/|font|>|"

'' OLD text replaced by 'placeholder' with html tags
'=iif( IsNothing(First(Fields!id_Measure.Value, "my_DataSet"))=true," ", Parameters!Selected_Measure.Label)
="|<|font color = 'blue' size = '4'|>|" + First(Fields!id_Measure.Value, "my_DataSet") + "|<|/|font|>|"
+" - "+
"|<|font color = 'red' size = '2'|>|" + First(Fields!id_Measure.Value, " my_DataSet ") + "|<|/|font|>|"

****** Supported HTML Tag List

Tag Description
<|a|> Anchor For example: Click Here<|/|A|>
<|font|> Sets font attributes for a group of text.
Used with the attributes color, face, point size, size, and weight.
For example:
|<|font color="Blue" face="Arial" size="6"|>|Hello|<|/|FONT|>|
<|h1|>, <|h2|>, <|h3|>, <|h4|>, … Headings
<|span|> Used to set text attributes for a range of text within a paragraph.
<|div|> Used to set text attributes for a block of text.
<|p|> Paragraph break
<|br|> Line break
<|li|> List new line
<|b|> Bold
<|i|> Italic
<|u|> Underscore
<|s|> Strikeout
<|ol|> Ordered list
<|ul|> Unordered list
Hyperlinks: <|a href="HREF"|>

Fonts: <|font|>

Header, style and block elements: , <|div|>, <|span|>,<|p|>, <|div|>, <|li|>, <|hn|>

Text format: <|b|>, <|i|>, <|u|>, <|s|>

List handling: <|ol|>, <|ul|>, <|li|>


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